Friday, 29 January 2016

My Minecraft Wishlist

My favourite ever game is Minecraft.

Here are some Minecraft goodies that I would LOVE!!...

I have got Minecraft on my iPad and PC but I really want it for my PS3 too.

I have heard Story Mode is very different to Minecraft but I still really want to play it.
I would really like this on my bedroom wall.

I love to colour and Minecraft would be the best things to colour.

This would be perfect to take on holiday, Mum always buys us an activity book when we travel.

Stampy is my favourite You Tuber, I can't wait to get his book.

I love wearing hoodies and this would be just perfect for me.

There are so many different Lego Minecraft sets and I think I like the look of The Nether Fortress the most.

I already have loads of Minecraft soft toys, books and figures. I love making Hama Bead key rings too, here are just a few I have made...

What is your favourite game?

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  1. Both my girls are huge Minecraft fans too (they're 10 and 8). Our eldest is in Stampy's Love Garden! We have the lovely book, it's really fab. Hope you get some of these as gifts soon!


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