Monday, 24 October 2016

Bunny and Boo's Adventures at Warwick Castle

Hey guys. I am just doing a little blog to let you guys know that I am going to try to do more blogs more often because I know I haven’t done many recently. 

I am also letting you know that I am going to do blogs that include me going on adventures with the bunny that I got for my birthday. Our first adventure was today at Warwick Castle.

Mine and Bunny’s adventure was at Warwick Castle today. We walked around the castle exploring different rooms with armour for horses, swords, dining room and lots more. 

We also went in the Horrible Histories maze. Bunny and me had a lot of fun collecting the stamps hidden around the maze. We also got a badge as the prize. 

My favourite part was just exploring really, I loved watching the shows as well. Bunny’s favourite part was the whole adventure! (Except the car journey.) 

It was quite a long car journey but I think it’s worth going! I give Warwick Castle an 8/10 because there are some good shows and apparently there is a terrifying dungeon (but I DIDN’T go in!)

One thing I do suggest to Warwick Castle though is that they make more things to do for kids and adults! I would have liked the playground to be open.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 1st adventure with bunny and hope you read all my other blogs!

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